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Company’s values

Working in the markets of over 70 countries of the world, Pernod Ricard sticks its activity to 3 fundamental values determining its whole business culture:

  • an entrepreneurial spirit and initiative;
  • mutual trust;
  • a strong sense of ethics.

These key values make the Pernod Ricard Company strong and unique, being the base for the Company’s success. 


An entrepreneurial spirit and initiative

With proximity to consumer as an important condition of success in modern business, the Pernod Ricard Company strives to maximum decentralization of the managerial system.

In particular, in terms of this policy, the Company’s subdivisions have full freedom in implementing business strategies.

Moreover, the Company always welcomes innovations and venturous projects, arranging contests in "Best practice" nomination which can be further implemented by the entire Pernod Ricard Group.


The Pernod Ricard Group pays great attention to setting open and friendly relations inside the staff, establishing and strengthening the team spirit, efficient experience exchange and cooperation between the Company’s numerous subdivisions.  

Today and always, Pernod Ricard keeps direct and trustful relations with all its employees.   

In their turn, all the Group workers can be rightfully proud of the Company’s products, being obliged to respect and develop the Pernod Ricard brands.

A strong sense of ethics

The Company is expecting from its workers absolute observance of corporate ethics norms and transparent business relations.

Ethical behavior assumes extremely attentive attitude to environment issues and popularization of responsible drinking. Owing to that shareholders, clients and consumers can be sure of reliability of information spread by Pernod Ricard, and, beyond all doubt, highest quality of all its products.